by Lee Hall
Corporate Communications, Scripps Networks Interactive
01 September 2016

o succeed in business, it’s important to stay close to the customer. That’s the idea behind the “Under One Roof” community, an ongoing conversation with consumers interested in topics related to food, home, real estate and travel.

Each month, our research group poses questions to this online community on a variety of lifestyle topics. 

To close out the summer season,  we discovered What’s in the Fridge and which beverages our members choose on a hot summer day. For example, we learned they prefer iced tea to lemonade, but nearly one in five likes to combine the two.

And what do they call the popular fizzy beverage that comes in a can? “Soda” tops this list, but almost as many people refer to “Pop,” “Coke,” or the generic term “Soft Drink.”

Take a look at this month's infographic on the right. And check back next month for another Under One Roof experience and how can join the community. 
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