by Kristin Alm
Corporate Communications
06 June 2016
Family is really at the heart of Scripps Networks Interactive. It’s important to our viewers, and it’s important to our employees. So today the company is proud to announce the expansion of many of our leave benefits for new parents, making Scripps Networks a standout in the cable television industry for this type of employee benefit.
In the United States, we are increasing our support for families with 12 weeks paid time off for maternity and adoption leave, three weeks for non-primary care givers, and three weeks for foster parents or legal guardians. We’re also making the transition back to work a little easier by offering a phased return to work option after maternity and adoption leave. We believe that a flexible approach such as this will provide employees with greater ability to be with family, while better engaging with work after leave.
In addition to this extended program, we also offer initiatives such as reserved parking for expectant mothers, private mother’s rooms, a dedicated coordinator to help new parents navigate through paperwork and programs, and more. This suite of support for new parents will, above all, allow our employees to enjoy more time and peace of mind during one of life’s most celebrated events.
We realize becoming a parent happens in different ways for different people. In fact, families come in all different shapes and sizes, from becoming a new parent as a biological mother or father, through adoption or perhaps through foster care or legal guardianship, and we want to support and celebrate that diversity.
It’s been an honor over the years to have been recognized by organizations such as WICT, NAMIC, Savoy, Diversity Inc., Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and others for having a supportive culture and positive work environment for parents. But just like we keep pushing ourselves to create successful and compelling content, we must always look for new ways to support family and to stand out among our peers.
To further illustrate these enhanced benefits, here’s a short video featuring Scripps Networks Interactive Chairman, CEO and President Ken Lowe, along with company employees and their new families. This is really putting our Core Values to work and demonstrating why life lives here!
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