by Lee Hall
Corporate Communications, Scripps Networks Interactive
06 June 2016
Each year, Adweek, one of the advertising industry's most respected publications, recognizes a group of people it considers the most influential in food. We're happy to report that this year's list of 30 includes a half-dozen directly associated with Food Network, Cooking Channel or Travel Channel. 

Food Network chef Anne BurrellMaking this important list this year: Food Network chefs Anne Burrell (right), Ina Garten and Tyler FlorenceChopped host Ted Allen; Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods frontman, Andrew Zimmern; and YouTube sensation Hannah Hart, who appears on the upcoming season of Food Network Star.

The annual Adweek list is independently compiled by the magazine's editors, and recognizes the growing influence our brands have in the world of food.

Here's another significant fact:

In a recent study of more than 2,000 18- to 49-year olds, Food Network ranked far and above other food media brands such as Tasty, Allrecipes, Buzzfeed Food and others as the trusted leader in expertise and trendsetting in the food space.

The study, which targeted consumers who had interacted with food media brand content during the preceding seven days, found that no other media brand – on television, in print or online – comes close to Food Network’s popularity.

Our congratulations go out to those who helped keep the tradition moving forward, some of whom appear on this year's Adweek list. 

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