by Lee Hall
Corporate Communications, Scripps Networks Interactive
10 August 2016
Gotta recruit 'em all!
Recruiting and retaining good people, especially millennials, is a challenge for a lot of technology companies. Some sharp minds at Scripps Networks Interactive capitalized on the popularity of the Pokémon GO app to attract curious game enthusiasts at a recent recruiting event.
When setting up its booth at Codestock, a technology conference in Knoxville, Tenn., a member of the Scripps recruiting team suggested a site near a “PokeStop” – a location in "Pokémon GO" where players can collect items needed to capture more Pokémon.

“Pokémon GO had just been released and its use was growing rapidly,” said Chris Barksdale, vice president, human resources. “We figured setting up near a PokeStop would help drive traffic to our booth, and we were right. Young people today want to experience their work the same way they experience their lives, and that’s frequently through their (smart)phone.”

While he can’t cite specific traffic figures, Barksdale says Scripps recruiters talked to lots of people, smartphone in hand, on the hunt for Pokémon, and picked up quite a few leads for potential employees.

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