by Matt Kothe
Media Relations Specialist
18 September 2017
Food Network has long been one of the most beloved cable networks in America, showing fans the power and joy of food with big helpings of fun and culinary expertise. According to a new Beta Research study that asked adult cable subscribers to rate 44 basic cable networks on their overall value, Food Network’s winning recipe is as tasty as ever.

The study examines respondents from various groups to offer different looks at the data, but no matter how the numbers are sliced, Food Network’s popularity shines through. Among those surveyed, 63 percent gave Food Network a 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale, making it a “must-have” channel. That placed it near the top of the list and in a dead heat with another popular Scripps Networks brand – HGTV.

About a third of respondents were deemed potential cord-cutters. The lure of Food Network placed it above all other cable networks among this group, with 46 percent giving the network a 4 or 5 on the must-have scale. Food Network also came to mind most frequently when respondents were asked to name their five favorite cable networks (22 percent included it in their top five), and its perceived value of $1.70—the amount respondents were willing to pay for the network—gave Food Network a top-five value overall.

This study underscores an idea that Scripps Networks Interactive has championed for a long time: strong brands win. The ways content is being consumed may be evolving, but the content that resonates remains constant. That’s why Food Network is still the go-to destination for all things food.
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