by Matt Kothe
27 April 2017

Ken Lowe, Scripps Networks Interactive’s Chairman, President and CEO, has had plenty of reasons to smile lately. His networks are resonating with fans more than ever before, and the road ahead looks even brighter. Yesterday, though, Ken celebrated a personal honor in recognition of his distinguished career and the important role he’s played in shaping the media industry.

Last night, Ken was one of six people inducted into the Cable Center’s Cable Hall of Fame class of 2017. The Cable Center’s self-professed purpose is to “tell the story of the cable industry and highlight [its] significant contributions made to technology, society and culture.” Want an easy way to measure the impact Ken has had, and continues to have, on both the cable industry and American culture in general? Ask your friends if they’ve seen Chip and Joanna’s latest renovation on Fixer Upper and see how the conversation unfolds. For your foodie friends? Ask them how excited they were when they heard that Iron Chef was making a return this year. Brands like HGTV and Food Network have become cultural institutions over the years, with millions of fans continuing to tune in each week, so Ken’s induction into the Cable Hall of Fame is a well-deserved honor. He joined 121 other men and women who’ve been inducted since 1998.

Hats off to Ken for the honor, and congratulations to the other inductees as well!
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