07 September 2016

Andrew Zimmern Reveals Culinary Delights From Around the World on a New Season of ‘Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations’

Travel Channel’s irresistible series, Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations, returns with all-new mouthwatering morsels from around the world on Tuesday, October 4
29 August 2016

Travel Channel Reveals the Compelling Challenges and Stories Behind Mount Everest Climbs in ‘Everest Air’

Standing at a jaw-dropping 29,029 feet above sea level, Mount Everest is the climber’s trophy that many, including a high-altitude rescue team led by Jeff Evans – an Everest expert mountaineer, adventurer and medic – have dared impossible missions to conquer.
25 August 2016

Adventurer Josh Gates Embarks on an Epic Mission to Tackle the Age-Old Question: Is the Yeti Real?

Long before Bigfoot was a household name, there was Yeti – the so-called abominable snowman and legendary towering creature believed to roam the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. For centuries, eyewitnesses have claimed run-ins with the infamous beast. But without conclusive evidence, the question remains: is the Yeti fact or folklore?
24 August 2016

Travel Channel Picks Up More Water-Themed Shows

Nearly 10 million viewers soaked in Travel Channel’s water-themed programming during its “Dive Into Summer” event – growing the network’s Sunday P25-54 prime time ratings more than 33 percent over the prior year.
07 July 2016

Travel Channel’s ‘Dive Into Summer’ Water-Themed Programming Delivers Strong Ratings

With an 11 percent ratings increase among P25-54 in 2Q16, Travel Channel has continued its consistent quarter-to-quarter, year-over-year ratings growth among key audiences in 2016.