14 September 2017

Food Network’s bot for Messenger is helping users get one step closer to finding “the one”—that is, the one true recipe they want to make for dinner. Through a new feature called “Meal Match,” friends and family who are deciding on a dish can vote simultaneously on a list of recipes and then receive their recipe matches to choose from.
Inspired by popular dating apps where users can browse through possible matches and eliminate options with a simple tap or swipe, “Meal Match” in Food Network’s bot for Messenger brings a delicious and fun utility to your important everyday dining decisions. Users can launch the game by going to the Food Network bot, tapping the “Play Meal Match” button, and then sharing the feature back in their one-on-one or group conversation. Users will be given a brief tutorial on how to use the game with the help of a cute gif and popular emojis. Then, each person will tap a thumbs up “Yes” or thumbs down “No” button to make their choices. When everyone in the group chat has voted, Food Network will display the recipe or group of recipes that received the most votes, and the group can make a final decision. 

“We are always looking for new ways to introduce fun features into the Food Network bot for Messenger,” said Al Ming, VP of Product Management for Sites, Apps and Emerging Platforms. “Meal Match is both a helpful decision-making tool and a cute game that integrates the humor of dating apps with everyone’s favorite topic of conversation: what to eat for dinner tonight. Hopefully, choosing soul food will be a little easier than choosing a soul mate.”
Launched in November of 2016, the Food Network bot for Messenger can help customers chat about and browse through over 70,000 trusted Food Network recipes by key ingredient, level of difficulty, their favorite chef, and even what ingredients they currently have in their homes. Whether you want to send an emoji and receive a collection of seasonal recipes or find a chicken tetrazzini recipe that will please the whole family, Food Network’s bot for Messenger has a dish for every cook at any level. All recipes are housed on FoodNetwork.com and are curated by professional chefs and Food Network talent and staff.
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