10 November 2005

The popularity of satellite radio is undeniably on a steady upswing, with millions of Americans plugging in to what's being pegged as the next generation of radio. But despite coveted features like a magnanimous music selection, live play-by-play sports coverage, and commercial and static-free listening, satellite's programming lineup has long been lacking a feminine flavor.

But this season, as satellite radio deepens its female appeal with a shift toward some fresh, lifestyle-oriented programming, you may find more women than ever this Holiday dropping hints for a radio technology that has apparently found its softer side.

The nation's leading satellite radio company, XM Satellite Radio, has fielded its first female-focused radio channel, with a new array of talk and lifestyle programming plucked from the hottest names in home, living and family. Coined "Take Five", the new talk channel pulses a 24/7 lineup of smart, dynamic programming, offering women the chance to 'take five' from the hectic pace of their daily lives to learn, laugh and live well.

"Take Five truly sets a new precedent in satellite radio programming," said Amy Reyer, director of women's programming for XM. "XM now offers something for everyone, with the debut of content women listeners can truly call their own."

Take Five, which can be heard on channel 155, boasts an array of female- friendly content; exclusively featuring design and home strategies, recipes and entertaining tips from the popular hosts and programs of Home & Garden Television and Food Network Balanced with a gamut of original XM programming from an ensemble of feisty talk personalities focused on news, entertainment and political issues, Take Five also features daily audio broadcasts of the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" and the new "Tyra Banks Show."

"XM's Take Five channel is as versatile and exciting as the women who listen to it," said Susan Packard, president of affiliate sales and international development for Scripps Networks. "HGTV and Food Network are delighted to be a part of this expanding technology, to connect with lifestyle enthusiasts and new audiences of women beyond the television set."

XM is currently America's most popular satellite radio service, dishing more than 150 digital channels coast to coast to more than 5 million subscribers. Sirius Satellite Radio, which offers 120 channels, also has made strides in programming targeted toward females including a show from Martha Stewart Living.

SOURCE: Scripps Networks

CONTACT: Susan Robertson, +1-865-560-4316, for Scripps Networks

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