27 December 2017

For the next generation of home cooks or self-proclaimed “foodies,” Scripps Networks has developed a new digital network and library: Genius Kitchen.

Full of recipes, lists and episodes of digital-only shows, Scripps has provided all different levels of ad-supported content for viewers both on the go and stuck at home.

“Food has made it more and more into the day-to-day parts of peoples lives in terms of media consumption,” said Vikki Neil, svp and gm of digital for Scripps Networks Interactive. “People have different needs in different stages of life, so we consider our multiple food brands to be like magazines: you never read just one kind of style magazine.”

Between Food Network, Spoon University and now Genius Kitchen, Neil describes the overall Scripps strategy as “microminutes” of entertainment throughout the day.

With different amounts of downtime between different activities, Scripps provides all degrees of entertainment, from one-minute recipes to full-length 22-minute episodes.

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