23 September 2016
Although he twice said he wasn’t “quite ready to do a victory lap on this one yet,” Scripps Networks Interactive pres/CEO Ken Lowe told investors Travel Channel is turning the corner with 10 consecutive months of growth and is on track eventually to join company top earners HGTV and Food Network.

“I feel much more confident in where we’re going with this network. Admittedly it’s been a bit harder to capture because travel can mean different things to different folks, but we’re concentrating on a blend of what works best,” he said.

And  here’s some promising news: HGTV, which has seen a ratings rise of 4 percent YTD, is seeing “a huge” pickup among millennial viewers, he said.
“As they start to age, they are becoming more interested in homes,” Lowe added, noting the demo is helping propel big tune-in for the network’s “Tiny Houses” programming. Food, which has seen a decline of 3 percent YTD, is undergoing a “revamping, going through somewhat of a transformation”   that will see even more ramp-up on social media,” Lowe said. “The ratings cooled a bit, but it’s still a top 5,” he added, noting efforts to pull in family viewing at 8pm with shows like “Chopped Jr.” and “Food Network Star Kids.”

Overall annual original production has been consistent for the past several years at about 2,500 hours, said Scripps CFO Lori Hickok. As for skinny bundles, they are “good for us,” Hickok added. “Welike the dual income stream where we can monetize with subscriptions and advertising, and we have categories women like to see in the bundle.” –
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