Knoxville News Sentinel
10 November 2017

Sean and Sara Martin almost missed the opportunity to design the HGTV 2017 Urban Oasis in Fourth and Gill, the neighborhood where they live.

“[HGTV Project Manager] Scott Branscom called and pretended to be a homeowner," architect Sara Martin said. "He said he had purchased a house in Fourth and Gill and wanted it renovated before moving in.”

“We have a six- to 12-month backlog,” said Sean Martin, Sara's husband and partner in their business, Open Door Architecture.

“When people call and want something fast, I just tell them we can’t get to it,” Sara Martin said. “And I say, ‘Let me give you some other names.’ There was this pregnant pause. And then [Scott] said, ‘What if I told you this was for a production company?’ I said, ‘Keep talking.’”

Their next call was to their nanny, Sean Martin said.

“This was in September 2016," he said. "We asked her, ‘Can you work every weekend in November and December?’”

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