04 January 2018

HGTV did something on New Year's Day that is all but unheard of on a holiday: The network ran new shows all day long, and even introduced at least four new series during the day.

Somehow, the people who run HGTV have concluded that New Year's Day is a very sedentary holiday for most people -- a great many of whom like to do nothing more on that day than lazily watch TV. And apparently, these people love to watch the voyeuristic house-tour shows on HGTV.

So the network programmed an entire day of house-hunting shows, including new episodes of long-running series such as “House Hunters” and episodes of new house-tour shows sporting new titles, although they all follow the same basic pattern.

That pattern is: People just like you and me are seen in the process of touring houses for sale, after which they pick one. It's that simple. And it's pure genius.

As far as I could tell, HGTV's all-day lineup of new shows on New Year's Day began at 10 a.m. (Eastern) with two new episodes of “House Hunters,” followed by two hours of live coverage of the Rose Bowl Parade from Pasadena.

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