The New York Times
27 September 2016
SEPT. 26, 2016
The cover of Alton Brown's new cookbook, Alton Brown’s new book, “Every Day Cook: This Time It’s Personal,” is his eighth, but the first in which he offers at least a small peek into the ways he cooks and eats at home. 

MARIETTA, Ga. — The afternoon sun had melted most of the ice in the Mason jar that held Alton Brown’s sangria. At 54 and recently divorced, the king of the food-science geeks and master of ceremonies to the first Food Network generation rocked gently on a backyard swing and pondered the big questions.

What is the nature of God? Can he bring himself to vote for a Democrat for the first time since Michael Dukakis? Will people like his new cookbook?

“Here’s the problem with a book like this,” he said during a day that had started with morning cocktails and bee-tending at the suburban Atlanta compound that serves as his studio, kitchen workshop and man cave. “If they don’t like it, they don’t like me.”

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