USA Today
06 September 2017

Millions of people turned Pokémon Go into a hit last year, tapping the app that morphed animation into the physical world.

That was quite the curtain raiser for augmented reality. Now, in what will be AR's biggest mass market push to date, Apple has thousands of apps—some say as many as 10,000—ready to unleash in just a few weeks, with the launch of the new iPhone and the update to the iOS mobile operating system.

In June, Apple introduced software to make AR apps, called ARKit, giving developers several months to work on concepts. 

Apple’s entrance into AR will “make it the major leader in AR almost overnight,” says Tim Bajarin, an analyst with Creative Strategies.

While we won't see the new apps until the release of iOS 11, which comes at the end of the month, many developers have already started sneak-peeking their apps on YouTube and Twitter.

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