12 September 2016
Linear TV still delivers the most revenue per viewer hour, according to Needham’s Martin

Scripps "best positioned" to capitalize on viewing trends

Video viewing is becoming more global, more mobile and more selective as over-the-top options let consumer connect with programming on more devices, but linear TV remain the most lucrative platform for content companies, according to new Wall Street analyst report.

The Whitepaper, entitled “The future of TV: Mobile, Live, Immersive, Social,” as published by Laura Martin of Needham & Co. Thursday but released to reporters on Sunday.

“Consumers are adopting an ever broader range of devices, which are creating ‘new windows of time’ for video consumption, both inside and outside the home,” Martin writes. Devices used per capital are expected to grow globally by 55% to 3.4 by 2020 from 2.2 now, and even faster in the U.S. But Martin notes that “devices monetize at different rates and content consumed also differs by device.”

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