24 May 2017

There's "news" about the "reality" of viewers and ads: It's that for engagement, lifestyle programming outperforms everything from sports to news and reality to general entertainment.  A study from Scripps Networks conducted in partnership with Nielsen utilized both attitudinal and neuroscience methodologies to better understand the power of programming environments on viewers.  The results were more a confirmation than a surprise to Chris Ryan, Senior Vice President of Ad Sales Research and Strategy for Scripps Networks Interactive, except perhaps the degree to which lifestyle programming drives ad engagement.

In fact, commercials running in a lifestyle programming environment scored +22% higher among all viewers across interest in products, attention to brands, intent to seek information and purchase intent.  And, brand favorability across all categories measured -- auto, consumer packaged goods, food and home, home improvement, finance, restaurants, retail and travel -- was greater in Scripps Lifestyle as well.  This level of engagement was confirmed through the neuroscience section of the study using biometrics.  The amount of time participants were highly engaged with ads on Scripps Lifestyle was 94% greater than the average of the four other genres.  "While good ad creative generates a strong emotional connection with the audience, this study suggests that ads may gain an additional benefit in the context of lifestyle programming," said Dr. Carl Marci, Chief Neuroscientist, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience.

I had the opportunity to discuss these findings with Ryan to gather more insights behind the study and learn how Scripps plans to apply them.

Read the full interview here.
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