11 January 2017

Food Network is using digital platforms to gain new fans

What was once a corner conference room on an administrative floor of Food Network’s Chelsea Market headquarters in Manhattan has turned into a small production center. There are hot lights and a few cameras. Off to the side are props, including a microwave and toaster oven. On the table are a variety of beef jerkies ready to be taste-tested and filmed for a feature on the network’s Snapchat Discover channel—a relatively new addition to a brand that has been around for over two decades yet was slower than some to adapt to social media.

About a year and a half ago, the network made a digital push to make up for lost time. It launched its Snapchat channel, created a team of 175 people across Scripps Networks dedicated to social and digital video, and ramped up its Instagram and Facebook game. The goal? Capture digital natives who are more likely to scroll through their smartphones than TV channels.

By attracting these young viewers on digital platforms, Food Network is not only hoping to gain a new generation of fans, but also to capture some of the money that is turning other lifestyle brands (think Buzzfeed’s Tasty) into digital behemoths.

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