28 December 2016

The Property Brothers' "Dream Home" is a best-seller

You might think the secrets to HGTV stardom lie in real estate savvy or creative design. But for shows like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers, it's that hard-to-find combination of charm and chemistry that turns hosts into stars.

"They're fun — they make you feel like you could be friends," says Maggie Winterfeldt, editor of PopSugar Home. "These are people that you actually relate to. They're not living in mansions; they're not driving Escalades. They live an attainable lifestyle."

This past year, some of HGTV's biggest names have also appeared on best-seller book lists.

Take, for example, "The Property Brothers," identical twins Drew and Jonathan Scott. "Drew is the most competitive man I have ever met in my life. Even if we are just going to the car he has to beat me," Jonathan says.

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